Local Community Leaders Launch Cougar Spirit Booster Club at NCHS

DECEMBER 13TH, 2018 – NORTH CHARLESTON, SC – A group of community leaders have organized a school-wide booster club at North Charleston High School to provide private and community support for things the Charleston County School District does not fund. “Cougar Spirit” will focus on enhancing academics, athletics, marching band and other extracurricular programs, teacher morale, parental involvement and student achievement. The school is located at 1087 E Montague Avenue, North Charleston, SC 29405.

The club’s main founders include community leader Kurt Taylor and North Charleston High School’s Principal Henry Darby. According to Taylor, the inspiration behind founding the club was to support the turnaround efforts spearheaded at the school by Principal Darby. “Cougar Spirit” is a (pending) not-profit-501(c) charitable organization that is in the process of selecting board members.

To date, the club has already funded a field trip to Columbia, South Carolina for a group of juniors and seniors. The money donated by the club provided the students with t-shirts, entry into the South Carolina State Museum, and transportation costs.  In the next two weeks, “Cougar Spirit” will provide breakfast at a school-wide teacher meeting, gift cards for teachers, and refreshments for a school concert.

The club’s board members will plan and execute programs directed at improving student, teacher, and community involvement. The board will identity donors, teachers, administrators, parent, community, and student representatives who will give input on programs and direction of funding. It’s anticipated that most funding will go towards the school’s primary classes, culinary, thirteen athletic teams, band, fine arts, STEM curriculum, after-school programs, SAT prep, and tutoring.

For additional information, please visit www.cougarspiritnchs.org.

For media inquiries, please contact Deja Knight at deja@pearlprfirm.com.

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